LE GRAND TÉTRAS, symbolic of an era


Founded in 1912 in Bellegarde, France, the family-owned manufacturer of aluminium household goods focused on outdoor cooking equipment at the beginning of the 1950s under the brand name "Le Grand Tétras".

A wide range of utensils in a lightweight metal came with the post-war pursuit of freedom, in parallel to the introduction of paid holidays in 1936.

Carried by the brand’s mythical red water bottle, Le Grand Tétras products have been part of thousands of French people’s lives over several decades.

The revival of an ICONIC French Brand


- In the 1970s and 1980s: the increasingly widespread use of plastic brought about the progressive decline of metalware for camping purposes, and the iconic Le Grand Tétras brand disappeared.

- In the 2000 : the overconsumption of this very same plastic became a real ecological and health disaster.

- Today : each one of us can make a difference by reducing our single-use plastics consumption and by using reusable items instead: water bottles, cups, plates.


In 2019, Le Grand Tétras arose from its ashes, just like the Phoenix.

A glorious tribute to the art of joyfully living our leisure time, to exploration and simplicity and to the contemplation of the landscapes that surround us.


Today’s water bottles are produced using the original moulds, which survived the passage of time and have been carefully preserved for several decades. These period tools can leave marks on the metal. These marks are a sign of the authenticity of the product, a deliberate choice that tells the brand’s story.