The mythic bottle is back

  • le grand tétras

    Founded in 1912 in Bellegarde, France, the family-owned manufacturers of aluminium household goods specialised in outdoor cooking equipment at the beginning of the 1950s under the brand name “Le Grand Tétras”.

    An extensive range of utensils in a lightweight metal accompanied the post-war pursuit of freedom, in parallel to the introduction of paid holidays in 1936.

    Epitomized by the brand’s mythical red water bottle, Le Grand Tétras products have been part of thousands of French people’s lives over several decades.

  • Water bottles

    Today’s water bottles are produced using the original moulds, which survived the passage of time and have been carefully preserved for several decades. These period tools can leave marks on the metal. These marks are a sign of the authenticity of the product, a deliberate choice that tells the brand’s story.

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  • Apparel

    For its new collection, Le Grand Tétras proposes you a new range of light apparel to enjoy the beautiful days outside, and still with an ecofriendly process, using bio materials.

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  • Accessories

    The summer 2019 collection reconnects with the brand’s history, which developed during the best years of the last century : functional and elegant utensils combining fine materials with a meticulous finish down to the very last detail.

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